Sunday, November 13, 2011

Okay so, it kinda goes without saying that this has been a real busy month.  I'll just cut to the chase, skip the filler and end the suspense about these wedding projects:

Pre-Rosette Clutches

These are the wedding clutches, pre-rosettes.  The boyfriend ended up winding the rosettes for me and helping me tack them on the plain ones.  The pleated one was for the Bride, and it got an antique brooch instead. I took the purple one since it matched my shoes the best.

The frames are 7" long with a 3" depth.  The clutches are made of satin, all lined with the same champagne color with two layers of medium-weight sew-in interfacing to keep the shape.

Rehearsal Dinner Bouquet

And here is the finished rehearsal bouquet.  The ribbons in the wrapping slipped a lot, so I wish I'd tacked them down a little better.  I was also worried about crushing while traveling, but again my boyfriend saved the day with his packing method.  I was worried for nothing - this was the star of the show at the rehearsal!

For the bouquet, I made 9 paper roses out of the wrapping paper from the gifts given to the bride at her wedding shower.  I inserted the wire stems into a foam core.  I took several of the bows from the gifts and mounted them on wires to serve as flowers on their own.  I then took curled ribbon and glued it to the top of the core to give the bouquet an even fuller look.  I wrapped the foam in grey satin ribbon, then in a sheer lavender ribbon and finally tied the bow in sheer magenta.  All materials with the exception of the foam mount and floral wire came directly from the gift wrappings from the shower.

My next and final wedding project is the actual wedding gift: a Christmas tree skirt.

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